About Us

WOD = Workout of the day

All WOD’S are performed in a group setting at a predetermined time. Each WOD on a particular day is the same, i.e. if you miss a morning WOD you can do an evening WOD and it will be the same session. Each class is lead by an experienced coach and all classes are infinitely scaleable according to the needs, strengths and weaknesses of each person. Each class will last an hour consisting of warm up, coaching of movements and the WOD.


Gymnastic exercises improve physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, co-ordination, balance and control. We believe that all performance based fitness and athletic programmes should have a strong foundation in gymnastics. We believe the skill transfer from gymnastics to running, weightlifting and all sport is key to an athlete’s success.


Weightlifting = The sport of lifting heavy weights

Not to be confused with weight training or lifting weights at a gym. Mainly concentrating on the Olympic lifts i.e. the clean and jerk and the snatch. We will also concentrate on the measurements that integrate into these lifts, like the push press, overhead squat and split jerk to name a few (there are others). Many people complain of a bad back but doing weightlifting cures many people in today’s society’s back problems. People who Olympic lift can apply more useful power to more activities than other athletes.

Strong People

Strongman training is a specific type of athletic training , designed to build maximum physical strength as opposed to simply building muscle mass. The average Strongman workout focuses on intensity rather than quantity of exercises. An effective Strongman training programme includes metabolic conditioning combined with weightlifting, with an emphasis on press lifts and squats. A Strongman workout may involve lifting and carrying heavy stones, flipping tyres and pulling vehicles by ropes or chains.


It should be noted all these different classes can be participated in by anyone of any ability, shape, fitness or age. We welcome you down just to come and give it a try.